At Technique Jiu Jitsu we are in the skill business and providing you with useable skill, practical understanding of technique and real confidence is what we do.

We are dedicated to providing you with the most practical and effective skill set in the safe, relaxed and clean environment you deserve. We start with our “Six week challenge” in the FOUNDATION PRACTICE sessions. Here, you learn by participating, not by theory. Here, you will gain the ability to train safely and use your newly developing skills for your personal goals, be they self defence, competition, physical activity, recreation or a little of everything!

We provide a free initial training session and then the opportunity to participate in our “Six week challenge”. During the six week challenge you will have the chance to absorb more useable and practical ability in Jiu Jitsu than most beginners will in six months!

No experience is necessary to get started, we think that you are up to the challenge, so book in for your introduction to Jiu Jitsu the Technique way, today!

See you on the mat!


Regardless of why you choose to practice Jiu Jitsu, Technique Jiu Jitsu has the experience and dedication to provide you the Jiu Jitsu training you need.

See you on the mat!
Head Instructor, David Krstic

Perfectly located, Technique Jiujitsu Templestowe is centred to also provide self-defence classes for residents of Lower Plenty, Eltham, Warrandyte, Park Orchards, Donvale, Doncaster, Manningham, Heidelberg, Ivanhoe and surrounding suburbs.

Learn to defend yourself with Technique Jiu Jitsu

Technique Templestowe specialises in providing you with comprehensive and high quality instruction in one of the most efficient and proven self-defence systems in the world.